This Machine Solves Our Biggest Problem With Doing Laundry

“Doing laundry can easily take up a large chunk of your day. But a company called FoldiMate is working to solve your laundry woes and give you more free time.”

The three-foot-high machine, which will set you back between $700 and $850, claims to perfectly fold your clothes as well as treat your items with steaming, perfuming, and sanitizing options.

To use FoldiMate, you simply clip your clothes to the outside of the machine, and as the machine rotates, each item is pulled in one by one to fold and treat.

Other than taking up space, the machine is said to be fairly quiet, making about the same amount of noise as a large printer, according to the company. And once the load is done, the bottom tray extends with a stack of clean, folded laundry.  Read full story…