Need to Add a Second Phone Number to Your Smartphone?

1 Smartphone and 2 Phone Numbers is Possible With This App - Use One For Business and the Other For Personal.

2Add a Second Line to Your Cellphone

Here’s what I recommended to Steve. My sponsor eVoice can easily add extra numbers to your cellphone. But this is so much more than “just” an extra number. Using the power of eVoice, it’s a snap to customize how calls to these additional lines are handled. Need a custom, professional-sounding greeting? No problem. Want to manage when they ring your phone and when they go straight to voice mail? That’s easy with eVoice!

And this is just scratching the surface of all the productive things you can do with eVoice. Your extra numbers can be toll-free, or they can be from nearly any area code if you want to have a “local” presence for key customers. You can even set up an interactive system to let your callers choose whether they want to go to your voice mail or try to be connected to another number, department or person.

In Steve’s case, his existing clients still call the number he’s had for years. And thanks to eVoice, their calls get automatically routed exactly how Steve wants, depending on the time or day and even who is calling. For his family and friends, Steve has them call one of his new eVoice numbers, so he knows calls on that line are personal. And with custom call routing, he can be sure that important calls from his wife and kids will always find him, wherever he is.

Going forward, Steve says he is going to encourage his new clients to start using the toll-free eVoice number he set up. He’s even adding the tool-free number to his business cards the next time he orders more.

I also heard from a real estate agent, Jennifer, who loves using eVoice. Jennifer assumed that she had to add second cellphone to her plan to separate her business and personal calls. Between buying a brand new smartphone and adding the service to her account, it was going to cost her family an extra $50 every month. For that $600 each year, she would have to juggle a second phone, make sure it was charged every night and still miss out on all the features eVoice offers. Fortunately, she learned about eVoice from a colleague before signing that two-year cellphone contract.  Continue…