Need to Add a Second Phone Number to Your Smartphone?

1 Smartphone and 2 Phone Numbers is Possible With This App - Use One For Business and the Other For Personal.

1How to Separate Business and Personal Calls

Recently a viewer of my online video reports, Steve, asked my advice to help solve a big problem with his cellphone. He reached out to me because his phone situation was becoming a pretty big issue for both his family and his work.

I’ll explain. It seems that over the years, Steve has periodically been giving out his personal cellphone number to more and more clients. Now that is completely understandable as he wants to be available and of service to the clients from whom he earns his living and supports his family. But now the problem is that he’s getting so many client calls on his personal cellphone, and that is blurring the line between personal family time and his important work time. But who could blame his clients? They have learned that it is a quick way to reach Steve instantly nearly anytime.

So why is this a problem? Steve told me that recently he was at his young daughter’s soccer game, cheering her on in the final minutes of a tied game. His phone rang and at first glance at caller ID, he thought it was another soccer parent. To his surprise, it was his biggest client who needed to have a detailed discussion about an order delivery issue. So there he was, standing on the sidelines with cheering fans all around, trying to have a professional business call, and all the while missing his daughter’s game-winning goal.

In this case, he really wished that the call had just gone to voice mail so he could call back from a quieter place and after he had a few minutes to review his client’s orders. But that also creates another big problem. Steve says his work voice mails are getting mixed up with his personal messages and he often runs out of storage in his voice mailbox.

Can you imagine your most important client getting the message, “Sorry that mailbox is full, please try again later?” That’s not what I would call the best customer service!

But I have a great solution for Steve, and anyone else struggling with mixing personal and professional calls on just one cellphone number.  Continue…